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Developing Your Technical Team
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A range of services to help get the best from your school based technical team

We can help you develop your technical team

Managing technical staff can be tough, especially across multiple sites and in differing settings. Offering the right levels of challenge and support if there is not a great deal of technical knowledge with the trust leadershpi makes it hard to recruit, retain and get the best from your teams.

We can offer support in these areas to help you develop a strong team.


For staff with a lack of experience, particularly in management, they can find it challenging to get to grips with the role. We have been there and done it, so we can use our experience to provide challenge and support in equal measures to build confidence, develop technique and maintain focus.


Hiring the right staff is key to building a good team but judging whether a candidate is technically competent can be difficult. We can offer support with the recruitment process including writing a job description and advert, through shortlisting right up to helping with interview.

CPD and Performance Management

When it comes to developing your technical team, making sure that performance management targets are appropriate is key to success. Our professional standards framework can provide long term clarity and structure to help develop the skills and knowledge of your team.

Whole School Staff Training

It is often a challenge to make staff development days relevant and valuable for support staff. Our team can provide relevant training in a number of areas including:

We also regularly arrange conferences for School Business Professionals covering HR, Finance and Health and Safety using external speakers. We can use that experience to build a programme for your staff.

Help Developing an IT Strategy

Knowing where you are, and more importantly where you want to get to with your IT vision is important. With so many options available, knowing what is best for your schools can be difficult. We can help work with your technical team and your SLT to identify priorities and build a roadmap to make sure the trust and its schools are always maximising the benefits from technology spend.

Procurement Support

When investing in a specialist area such as IT, having knowledge and expertise on your side so that you can be confident in your tender process is vital. No matter what you are looking to procure, we can work with your technical team to help them help identify the appropriate solution and understand the procurement process better including writing a proposal, outline costing, understanding financial procedures and writing a statement of requirements and any technical specifications.

Impartial Advice

We do not sell hardware or infrastructure installations, and we do not have any partnerships with suppliers who do. This means we can provide completely impartial and unbiased advice on all aspects of IT and you can be confident that the support we give is genuine and transparent in all areas including MIS, data and network support.

Bespoke Support for Unique Trusts

Every multi academy trust is different and has unique requirements for their IT. Our vast exprience and knowledge of supporting IT at a senior strategic level within schools and MAT's can offer a unique perspective. We are happy to build bespoke support packages and offer support on a daily basis where a standard offering is not suitable.

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